How to Choose the Best Sales Advertisements

Ordering a ready-made box full of advertising tools is a great way to get decorations for a big sale event. Saves time and money as all the equipment comes in the same package, from the same company. This also ensures that the different advertising aspects work well together to form a cohesive, attention-grabbing, store-front. There are a lot of decorating advertising options to choose from. We’ll explore the most common types.

1. Banners and Signs
Banners and signs are made out of reinforced vinyl that are colorfully printed with pertinent information (most often, simply the word “sale” is perfect) and can be made in almost any dimension. These are most often used to advertise outside for a special event. The edges are lined with metal eyelets for easy hanging. This large advertisement should be displayed for maximum viewing. Favorite spots are on the store-front wall or between light poles. An important factor in hanging such a large advertisement outside is fortifying it against the wind. These banners and signs are made for the outdoors, but strong winds may rip them anyway. The best way to fight against damage is to make sure there are slits (usually in the shape of a half-moon) cut into the vinyl that allows the wind to flow through, causing less stress on the advertisement.

2. Pennant Strings
Pennant strings are best used to compliment bigger signs. These double-sided, brightly colored signs are the well-known triangle flags strung together. The advantage to these is how versatile they are and simple to work with; they can be used indoors and outdoors. Most often, these are hung and used in a similar way to streamers or tulle at a party. These strings of color can frame doorways, special sale items, line rooflines – anywhere they will help attract attention. They can also be used as a festive alternative to rope or cones if certain parts of the parking lot or store need to be blocked off. Another common usage is to create a tent shape, drawing attention to a specific area of the sale. The hundreds of moving flags draw attention without overwhelming a decorated area. They can be “swooped” with a dipped point in between two fixed points, or simply pulled tight, straight across, depending on the height they are being hung from.

3. Hang Tags
These are the sturdy tags that come in many size options. The smaller hang tags are best used for marking large sale items as “sold” or to provide special pricing information on goods. Often one side is printed with the event or store logo, while the reverse side will have a black space. The larger version of theses tags can be used as smaller signs hung from walls. They are even better hung from windows as they are printed on both sides. The poster-sized tags are also good for keeping track of lists or categories of items for either customers or employees. Tags are perfect for describing the specifics of a big sale. This allows customers to view what discounts are available for whatever item they maybe be searching for.

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